Monday, October 10, 2016

My name is Mike Indest, I am a singer/songwriter from New Orleans. I’ve released over 20+ releases, mostly EP’s. I don’t like doing the same thing twice so I’ve released projects that delve into various styles. I’ve recorded techno, acoustic, experimental and even some country tunes .

Even though my songs are not really mainstream and I record pretty lo-fi, I’ve had some success having my songs placed in movies, commercials, in store play and in advertising campaigns all over the world. 

I try to play live when I can, mostly playing my electric baritone ukulele.

I’m always open if someone wants to shake a tambourine, so if you have any interest in playing along please let me know. 

Click below and you can stream or download for free my best of. You can also skip down if you want to see where my songs have been licensed and synced.


What Others Have Said:

This is indie rock that says something without shouting or faux-whispering. ~ Radio Eclectic

Trouble and Sorrow remains one of the best pop songs I’ve heard in a couple of years, it’s a guitar driven track that stops short of bursting into flame – it’s a wonderfully smoldering tune. ~ Banophernalia

The harmonies are precise, and the lyrics are thought provoking and meaningful. ~ Down The Line

Some places my songs have been licensing:

 February 2017 - Ad Week - Sirens Instrumental  

April 2016 - River Island Clothing (UK) Audio Sync License - Sirens Instrumental

March 2016 - Femina - Everything Instrumental 

Sept 2015 - Wenner Media (Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, Men’s Journal) - Everything Instrumental 

Nov 2015 - Wenner Media (Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, Men’s Journal) - Sirens Instrumental 

June 2014 - Audio Friends UK 

Dec 2014 - Imagesound PLC - In store play for Gap, Starbucks, McDonalds and more) - Sirens 

June 2013 - VSA Partners (major marketing company representing Converse, Facebook, Chanel and many more top companies) - Gravity 

August 2011, June 2013 - Twig World UK - I Can Move 

June 2012 - Red Bull UK - Gravity

Thanks for listening, you can contact me, find out where I am playing live and download for Free all of my official releases @